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Cetera Advisor Networks

Akamai Investment Advisors is affiliated with Cetera Advisor Networks, one of the premier broker-dealers in the industry. When you think of financial services, certain names probably come to mind-your local bank or credit union might be one; investment banks making headlines in recent years might be others. Whatever names you have thought of, it’s a good guess “Cetera Advisor Networks” wasn’t one of them. And we are very comfortable with that.

As an independent broker-dealer, Cetera Advisor Networks does not have any propriety products or sales quotas. It is not part of or affiliated with an investment bank, and does not engage in proprietary trading. This independence means that we are free to recommend financial solutions that best suit your needs, ensuring your objectives are what drive all recommendations. In a nutshell, we are given the freedom to recommend products based only on what we believe will position you to achieve your goals.

Another reason you may not have heard of Cetera Advisor Networks is that they don’t make for good headline fodder, thanks to their strict adherence to their policies and culture of risk management. We, and every financial professional who affiliates with them, must meet and continually observe Cetera Advisor Network’s high standards of ethics and compliance oversight. In addition, every investment we recommend has been rigorously reviewed and then approved by the industry experts of their Research and Due Diligence teams. While this doesn’t remove the normal risks associated with investing, it does ensure that the investments represent legitimate opportunities, are based on well-understood economic models and carry strong economic merit with the current market.

For more information, please visit their website: www.ceteraadvisornetworks.com

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