Our Services

We offer professional wealth management solutions, ranging from portfolio construction to wealth transfer and risk mitigation.  We also provide strategic college and financial aid planning, as well as, income and retirement planning.  We do not have proprietary products and sales quotas.  We are not affiliated with any bank or engage in proprietary trading.  We are free to recommend solutions best suited for your needs, with your objective driving all recommendations. 


Since we do not offer any proprietary investment solutions, the investment universe remains vast.  The ability to provide investments that range from individual stocks, bonds and mutual funds to more specialized investment vehicles provides us the flexibility to adjust to changing market and economic tides as we guide you towards the attainment of your goals.


As much as we try to prepare for them, tragic events like death, disability or critical illness sometimes strike. When faced with such a situation, insurance can protect policy holders and their families from undue hardship. For this reason, a variety of insurance coverage is essential to any comprehensive financial plan.

Insurance planning is best when tailored to fit its owner’s personal situation: whether designed for a single person or family; professional or seasonal employees; executive or small business owner, everyone can benefit from an appropriately customized plan.

  • Life
  • Long-term care, disability and critical illness
  • Health


Along with the protection offered through insurance and the goal setting provided by investment choices, money management strategies can help manage savings on a daily basis.

From mortgage payments to tax savings, a strategy for managing money effectively involves a consideration of individual contexts.

  • Saving
  • Tax Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
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