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aka·mai adjective \ä-kä-ˈmī\
A Hawaiian word meaning knowledgeable, clever, expert, intelligent, smart, witty

The turtle represented in our logo was chosen because it is a symbol of longevity and stability in many cultures across the world. The Hawaiian word for turtle is Honu and it is thought of as the protector of the family and the navigator. At Akamai Investment Advisors, we help preserve our client’s futures through strategic growth, income and preservation strategies. As the navigator, we help to guide and manage our client’s through turbulent waters. The Honu can always find it’s way home, even after traveling for great distances. You can count us to be there today, tomorrow, always.

Akamai Investment Advisors is a financial planning and investment advisory firm based in Fitchburg, WI. As comprehensive planners, we combine specific areas of expertise with broad financial planning experience and knowledge. We advise our clients across the areas of investments, insurance, college & financial aid planning as well as retirement and estate planning.

We are not owned by nor affiliated with any bank, insurance company or brokerage house. We do not have quotas to sell anything-not securities, not insurance or financial plans. This allows us the maximum freedom to use financial tools and products from a variety of providers to fit your needs, without constraints. We feel that pressure to sell something to a client can lead to recommendations that are not in the best interest of our clients.

David Brown

David M. Brown, BFA™

Financial Advisor, Founding Partner at Akamai Investment Advisors SC

Jamie Hanson

Jamie L. Hanson, BFA™

Financial Advisor, Founding Partner at Akamai Investment Advisors SC

Robert Broadhead

Robert J. Broadhead

Financial Advisor

Jara Rios-Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Jara Rios-Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Insurance Consultant

Jackson Brown


Asset Watchdog