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David Brown

David M. Brown, BFA™

Financial Advisor, Founding Partner at Akamai Investment Advisors SC

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 was born in Hawaii, but grew up in Madison. After graduating high school I joined the Army, serving with the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment. When I returned to Madison, I obtained two college degrees and was honored with Cum Laude distinction from Upper Iowa University.

For the past twenty years, I served clients in the development and implementation of financial strategies and feel extremely fortunate to have been able to perform this service, which I truly do not consider “work”. Over this time, friends have become clients and clients have become friends so much so it would be difficult to define one over the other.

I base my practice on the belief that a client’s needs are the most important and that each client’s economic and financial circumstances are unique. It is through this understanding that I assist them with the deployment of a prudent financial plan.

These plans reflect the goals, objectives and life stages of their owners: whether that be retirement and income planning, college planning or the positioning of assets for the eventual transfer of wealth in the most tax efficient manner. These customized plans should be reviewed on a regular basis.

If you ever have any questions about your plan or specific financial products, please contact me. We will set up a time to review your needs and address any questions that you may have.

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