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Robert Broadhead

I was born in Chicago but have spent most of my life here in Wisconsin. My family moved here when I was 3½ years old. Outside of the nearly 4 years I spent in Colorado after college, Wisconsin has been my home.

My path to becoming an investment advisor representative was, I am told, quite unusual. My first full time job after earning an Associated degree in Photography from Madison College was building houses in Colorado. I then moved back to Wisconsin to build banjos. And yes, I mean the musical instruments.

After returning to little Oregon Wisconsin I met my wife and we settled into the area, raising our 3 kids and building musical instruments for nearly 19 years. Then a career change came my way taking me to Belleville to manage a vinyl fencing and railing plant. The opportunity to join a financial services office came after 4 years there. I took the opportunity because I love working with people, helping them work toward their financial goals and dreams.

My absolute core value is to do what is best for my clients. Finding the best strategies, answers and products to achieve their desired outcomes and goals. I look forward to getting to know my clients on a deeper level and sharing what guides me with you as we walk life’s journey together!