Kade King

Kade King

Insurance Consultant

I am from Monroe, WI, where I graduated from Monroe High School, and I am currently a student at UW Green-Bay, majoring in Finance. 

I truly enjoy talking with, learning about, and helping people. I have also, from a young age, had a strong interest in investing, which has grown to be a passion of mine. I chose to be in Finance, because it allows me to bring together my strengths and what I enjoy to help people determine and achieve their financial goals. 

When looking to expand my learning to include insights and understanding only learned outside of the classroom, I did research in the finance world and on different opportunities, firms, and advisors, in Southern Wisconsin, Madison, the Fox Valley, and Green Bay areas. I was looking for a specific opportunity - a firm of advisors who truly care about people while demonstrating success in helping their clients achieve their goals in various ways. I found just that at Akamai, which led me to an internship with Jamie and David. This opportunity has helped me to grow my passions for people and finance, and every day, enhances my knowledge and experience. With their help, I have been able to build relationships with people that are very knowledgeable in the industry, obtain my certificates in both Life and Health Insurance, and continue to grow and expand my experience. 

I look forward to getting to know and working with each of my clients.